Our Story

My name is Jeehee, a graphic designer turned fashion designer turned mompreneur.

I have a passion for two things: kids and clothes. I work as a designer and produce garments for some of the major retailers. This often means making clothes in trends that everyone else will be wearing, whatever sells in mass number, and what fulfills other people's vision of how kids' clothing should be. 

Kids are so imaginative, and they are inspired by everything. As a designer, I want to teach my kids to find beauty in everything. I believe that if they are exposed to awesome things, that awesomeness will somehow find a place in their hearts. I believe they should therefore be surrounded with things that are unique and true to them, not to mention clothes that go on their little bodies while they explore the world.

So I have founded BAM to put my beliefs into action. Bam is inexpensive, unpretentious, and fun. It's made with the best cotton, therefore soft like butter and comfortable like you want to wear them, all the time. Now that's how kids' clothing should be. Getting dressed should be fun and easy. Period.

I'm a mom with a dream to bring inspiring, happy, and effortless playwear to kids. And this time around, I am creating only what fulfills my own vision of how kids' clothing should be. Today I am taking strides to be an example to my kids; that if you can dream it, you can do it, and if you want to do it,



do it.